Skeptic Crew is an evil cult made by a community of skeptic people. It populates more than Chill Crew, but was never stronger than Chill Crew. Chill Crew has more supports, while Skeptic Crew has nothing. Skeptic Crew managed to hack through Chill Crew's stuff while Chill Crew can do nothing with it, but Chill Crew does not care, because Chill Crew always believes they will always get the glory when it comes to fighting Skeptic Crew.

Skeptic Crew was created in May 2019. No specific dates, but was known to be made in that month and year.

Skeptic Crew hires a lot of terrorists to rule over Roblox.

Skeptic Crew has over 20,221 members. Although Chill Crew only has around plenties and Skeptic Crew has thousands, Chill Crew has a whole community of billions supporting them.

Skeptic Crew are careless. They don't care how much destruction they made, how much anger they brought, they only care for themselves, selfish, mischievous, and evil. Skeptic Crew threatens everybody in the way of their path.

Skeptic Isles Edit

Skeptic Isles is the kingdom Skeptic Crew owns in Chillversa. Chil King Blue approves this nation to stay, just for slaughter of Skeptics. Skeptic people have brought assasins to assasinate the following targets and if they manage to assasinate the target, Skeptic Crew gives the assasin 1,000 Robux. The target are always chills. This made Chill King Blue angered, with that, A war happened the-so-called Battle in Skepto.

Anti-chillism Edit

Skeptic Crew made the term "Anti-chillism", a term of racism to Chills. They hate chills, and always try to make chills suffer, or even give death to them. Skeptic Crew has made multiple massacres that targets chills and these massacres are "Anti-chillism Campaigns"

Skeptic Crew themselves gives themselve a trophy after they slaughtered 1,000 Chills.


#CHILLME is a movement that is against anti-chillists. It is based off #MeToo Movement in Earth, but instead, this movement is against anti-chillists. This movement is the movement that brought a new annual day called "Chill Pride Day"

Hoax Edit

Here are a couple of false news that Skeptic Crew created telling lies about Chills

  • Chill Crew bombed an entire city in Earth full of chills - Skeptroeee2
  • Chill Crew hates every humans ever - Skepticepic223
  • Chill Crew is a group of extremists - Nonchillsaredeadtome
  • Chills like to kill innnocents - MasKeaSkEp
  • Chills are SEXUAL PREDATORS! - diligentskeptic
  • Chills allegedly spoiled Endgame - Cunask
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