Chill Crew is a small group of chills, but is known to have a lot of supporters when they play a game in Roblox due to the chill community has a lot of users. 

Chill Crew was founded by Chill Blue (Clovenlist) in March 3, 2019. 

Chill Crew also was co-founded by Chill Red (ExhoticRyan) in March 3, 2019. 


Chill Crew was first just Chill Blue and Chill Red cosplaying in the Eviction Notice gameshow. Later, Monstrodome became Chill Green, the original but unofficial. More chills came, like Chill Teal, Chill Black (no racism) , Chill Purple, so then, Chill Blue officially made Chill Crew a thing by creating the discord server in March 3, 2019, Chill Red is the co-founder. 

The group grew bigger by months, more members joined. 

More features were added, like Chill Coins , Chill Mods, and Chill Coin Ability Shop. 

Some times, drama happens in the server, but it always ends. 

Chill Crew's motto and slogan is "Still chill, Stay chill." 

Later then, it got people's attention that managed to make them support Chill Crew. It has many that supports them. 

Chill Crew advances and grows like always. 


Chill Crew has rivalry with the psychopathic and evil, Skeptic Crew . It's enemy are also non-chills but not all of them. 

They also have a bit of rivalry with Shiny Crew, but their biggest enemy is Skeptic Crew, They didn't managed to stop Skeptic Crew but managed to delay some of their actions. 

Skeptic Crew is a cult. - Confirmed by Chill Blue in May 2019.


Here are the members of our Chill Crew,

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