Chill Blue, also known as Chill King Blue, is the founder of Chill Crew and the king of Chill Kingdom. 
Chill Blue Avatar

Chill Blue

He was previously known as "Cookie King" before he was Chill King, but then, the Cookie Universe had collapsed down and soon died off.

Chill Blue was born on June 1st, 2006. He founded Chill Crew in March 3, 2019. Chill Blue is known to be the most famous chill.

His favorite food is Chill Pizza (a special type of pizza made from chills) and his favorite drink is unknown at this time.

History Edit

  Chill Blue, met one of his best friends, Chill Red, who will then become the Co-Founder and Chill Prince Red. Chill Blue grew a huge bond with him later on. Chill Blue decides to lead a beautiful universe, Chillversa. He later then founded Chill Crew in March 3, 2019, and the Chill Kingdom formed later after Chill Crew. 

Chill Blue becomes something special for the Chillversa, since he is the leader of it and is the founder of Chill Crew.

That leads him to success in present day. 

True Identity Edit

       Chill Blue's true identity is Clovenlist. His real name is not to be shared with unknown people. 

Chill Kingdom Edit

Chill Blue is the king of Chill Kingdom, Due to that Chill Kingdom is the capital of Chillversa. Chill Blue has a lot of responsibility to Chill Kingdom and does that responsibility, Chill Blue is a kind and fair king, made the term "Skeptphobic," and made the right decision telling the Chill Kingdom to hate the evil Skeptic Crew.

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